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You Come First,
Plain & Simple


As a registered investment advisor, we are your fiduciary - meaning we are legally bound to always act in your best interest.  Unlike some, when we offer financial advice, you can be sure we are thinking about what’s best for you, not us. That's The LSIA Way.


Your Personal Economy

Achieving financial peace of mind requires more than solely having someone managing your investments.  That's why
at LSIA we act as your
personal Chief Financial
Officer, orchestrating your
investment, retirement,

insurance and estate
planning needs.  Working
alongside other professionals, including your insurance agent, estate
planning attorneys, accountants and business partners, we ensure your entire personal economy is in order.  That's The LSIA Way.


The industry standard is to measure your financial success relative to a generic market benchmark.  We think this is flawed.  What your investments earn is irrelevant if it doesn't afford you the lifestyle and future you envision.  The customized plan we create together will guide you and measure your success in a way that actually impacts you and your family.  That's The LSIA Way.

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We passionately believe the peace of mind this information provides will truly

be one of the most thoughtful gifts
you'll leave your loved ones.

Our Gift To You

As a client of LSIA, one of the first things you'll receive is your own Peace of Mind Binder.  It's our gift to you and a tangible expression of our commitment and promise to you. 


The Binder is a valuable tool that will help you organize your important documents and personal information in a single location; providing a solution to a crucial and overwhelming need.  It houses important information from many aspects of your life - from financial accounts and key contacts to document locations and final wishes.  By identifying this information today and how to access it, you'll help ease your loved ones’ burdens in a time of sorrow when important decisions must be made in a timely manner. 

Discover how we improve your life beyond just investments