Welcome to LSIA Institutional


Helping Fulfill
Your Fiduciary Duty


Your role as a fiduciary brings great responsibility and requires you to make critical decisions for the benefit of your organization.  That's why at LSIA, we’ve built a team of investment experts that design custom solutions to help fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities and equip you to make more confident decisions.  That's The LSIA Way.


For Your Needs

Finding the best investment strategy to meet your objectives, while trying to minimize costs, can be difficult.  At LSIA, we provide solutions for a wide variety of your investment needs.  By using domestic equities, international equities, government, agency, corporate & municipal bonds, factor-based investing, index replication, socially-responsible investing or combination thereof, we create portfolios designed to meet your distinct investment goals, whether you’re looking to outperform the broad market or provide index-like exposure to a specific asset class.  That’s the LSIA Way.

Improving Your Bottom Line

We realize how much you pay
your investment manager matters.  That's why we work
hard to provide you with a cost structure that benefits you.  
We’re mindful that low fees help improve your bottom line. 
That's The LSIA Way.


Caring  For You
Beyond Portfolio Design

As your fiduciary, we understand that the way we implement your strategy matters.  That’s why we always seek best execution of securities trading and invest time and money into serving you with some of the industry’s most sophisticated trading, compliance and technology platforms.


We believe that by immersing ourselves in market analysis and being active in the financial community, we keep our finger on the pulse of industry developments, innovations and trends, which help us create new ideas for you.  Whatever we’re doing, wherever we’re doing it, we’re always thinking first and foremost about you and the ways in which we can exceed your expectations.


We know that it's important for you to understand what we're doing and why we're doing it.  That's why we listen, communicate and work with you, so you can feel confident knowing that you have a trusted partner - one who understands your specific needs, safeguards your investment goals and stands ready to deliver exceptional service, knowledge and expertise. 

Discover how we're creating thoughtful solutions for you